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#412067 - Fear,like a cold knife ran through me, my bladder control dissapeared, and i felt warm wet urine spray from me, it seemed to entice him even more as he nuzzled into my bare pussy, pushing me back flat on my back, i again tried to crawl backwards, then flipped over onto my knees and tried to crawl away and get to my feet, i stood , absolute terror, no words would come out my mouth ,i tried to run, then the weight of him, as he pounced on my back forcing me to the sand . I just stared at her ,, You just sat there while your fucking dog raped me. like a rag doll i was pulled and pushed i had no control, he was using his front paws to hold me secure and drag me back as he drove deeper into me i felt his cock grow larger, then the sensation of hot liquid filled me, he stopped humping into me for a second i felt i would be free, then his intensity and ferousious fucking, drove into me like i had never felt, I felt his cock selling ,then it felt like a tennis ball was being forced it me

Read Asslick Chojin Dorei, Kawareru. - Original Free Hardcore Chojin Dorei, Kawareru.

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