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#162155 - I gave a couple of satisfying squeezes just as i felt that familiar tightening. She said that at a party she had been to recently that she gave a guy head but had gotten kind of wierded out and was scared of what him cumming involved and being inexperienced, she didnt know what to do when it happened. After a little prompting I told her the specifics of when guys cum, volume, texture etc and then told her that some girls spit, some swallow and some just jerk it into a tissue or onto their chest, anything was possible, but that I thought it was coolest and had heard that guys liked to have it swallowed.

Read 18yearsold Haouju Saboten Series Soushuuhen - Naruto Wet Cunts Haouju Saboten Series Soushuuhen

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Yui ootsuki
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