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#89833 - I moved my right hand up to her left breast and started squeezing and rubbing loving the feel of her rock hard nipples in my palm, she had to break off from kissing me to tell me to be more gentle. I asked her what had brought on this morning’s events , to which she replied, that Tina had lost her virginity the previous Christmas, and had dared Sharon that she didn’t have the nerve to do the same before her 16th birthday, she had accepted the dare but didn’t really know who to do it with, as she wanted her first time with someone special, eventually deciding on me, she said that she had been trying to entice me for a couple of months but I had failed to take the bait, it finally dawned on me as she said this, that for the previous couple of months, she had been flaunting herself at every opportunity, ( leaving her bedroom door open when getting changed before/after school, coming out of the bathroom as I was passing in a towel/bathrobe and letting it fall open) she said that if only I

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Alicia rue
Jesus this is kinda far out there lol
Wish to try it one time in the future