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#380721 - We walked further into the park and i could tell this was actually going to happen i was going to get head of a dude , and i walked towards him , my dick got harder and harder , i began breathing very heavy almost panting and than he smiled at me and said relax , i never said anything i just looked at him and than he pulled my tracksuit bottom down to my knees and he got down on his knees like a little bitch , he looked up at me , i looked straight into his eyes , than one of his hands grabbed my balls , i gasped for breath , he started playing with my balls very slowly and i started breathing even harder and than he placed his other hand on my dick while the other tickled my balls , i looked up and i could feel my knees were begining to tremble almost feel weak i have never felt like this before , than he placed my dick in his mouth , i felt it hit his tongue i breathed in and than he swallowed my whole dick in his mouth , it was so warm , even warmer than pussy , i could n

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Leona west | reona west
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