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#84050 - Helena smiled to herself as she recalled the day she and James had visited London, to see the Queen ride through the city in an open carriage en route to the Royal Horticultural Show at Kensington. As her eyes flickered open it seemed, in the gloom of her bed-chamber, that a small creature was perched on her torso, its eyes glinting. A chandelier holding an array of electric candles illuminated the stairwell as she went down the stairs, passing the display cabinets holding James' collection of antique handguns, and past the Victorian dresser in the hall which, tucked into a small compartment, lie hidden the key to the cupboard under the stairs which held the gun case, which in turn housed a pair of pristine Purdys - although they were rarely used James had taught her how to accurately fire the shotguns, in the event of foxes bothering their chicken coops while he was away.

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What a story marc
Damn you re so hot loving the outfit too x