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#308291 - Will you help me Ranma honey? Ukyo said dropping to her knees and putting her hands together begging him, Oh alright ill help you He said helping her to her feet, RANMA YOU CAN'T BE SERIOUS! Akane screamed, YOUR BOTH NUT'S She added and stormed out of the restaurant Ranma following after her. RANMA YOU DID THAT ON PURPOSE! Akane yelled with the taste of Ranma's cum in her mouth, Ya just like you killed Ukyo before she had a chance to cum for herself Ranma replied as his cock started to soften, She didn't cum? Akane said, No she was about too and then you chopped her head off Ranma said, GOOD Akane replied as she dropped the bloody axe and went back into the kitchen of the restaurant, leaving Ranma to drain Ukyo's body and ready her cooling meat for the butcher table.

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