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#390836 - Suddenly someone opened the door, that door made a horrible sound that made Han move his head from side to side. “Too late kid, no one escapes from this place” – replied the obese men Han started to move desperately trying to break the straps that were holding him, but it was hopeless, those straps were fairly tight. It was a patient blindfolded tied to his bed, he had blood all over his body and his face was all covered with bandages; the patient was naked and his cock seemed to be part of an experiment, it had needles implanted through it and there was a puddle of blood over his chest, it seemed the scientists had intended to introduce some kind of device through his navel, but failed in the attempt.

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Tamaki yotsuba
Aging like fine wine
Wakatoshi ushijima
That game is called blasphemous an awesome metroidvania just took me by suprise seeing it on this website lol