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#382290 - it was the most beautiful thing I had ever witnessed the passion and love in her voice as she said do it again Daddy I want more was overwhelming He replied not yet Honey it's my turn and slid back to sit on the other side of the hot tub motioning for her to follow! I could see His erection standing facing the heavens above, beconning her to take it and She did. He opened His eyes and noticed me standing there getting harder by the moment, He said Her name she stopped and said What Dad? he said Your Birthday Present has arrived He said where is it? She asked Turn around and look He told her She squalled Uncle jumped out of the Hot Tub ran to me, hugged Me tight, and said Hi, are You have My present? No My Cousin said, He IS Your present I melted into her small petite embrace noticing that my semi-hard erection was against Her body and Her sweat tits were searing holes into my body.

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Maybe we need to practice lol
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Who is she
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