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#330966 - MOM! There you are yelled Jessica excited to see her mother for the first time this morning, There YOU are, I’ve been looking for you young lady she replied, Looking for me?, Why have you been looking for me? and where is the turkey-girl? Jessica asked, That’s why I’ve been looking for you, your father couldn’t get one this year so since you had your 18th birthday cunt-tag'ing party last week dad and me decided to roast YOU this year. this is strange! thought Jessica as she sat on one of the chairs in the kitchen that by now would have been humming with the sounds of a turkey-girl begging for her life while her mother tied, stuffed and prepared her for the oven, Jessica had always enjoyed that part of the preparation since her mother would always allow her to have the first taste of the turkey-girl's pussy to help calm the roast down and subdue her for the oven. Lina screamed the pain was intense but after the initial shock her body started to turn the pain

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