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#202114 - Yesterday, the distinct sound of a drained coffee mug hitting the mahogany desk pealed out before Gretchen had made it down the hall. Her rubs graduated into a five-fingered stroke, then into a spit-lubricated one-handed wax after she dribbled a strand of gooey spittle from in between her lips to covertly give herself an time advantage without alerting the boss lady. That was, of course, before sweet Cecilia got the axe for mispronouncing the name of Felicia Rodriguez, their (at the time) mutual overlord, on the phone with a ‘very important client.

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Benben tsukumo
Omg thats fucking great you dont have limit i love that
Wow want her
Minoru kokubunji
So lame just f fluff porn you homos need to get a real woman instead of blow up dolls
Sailor saturn | hotaru tomoe
Qui veut qu on fasse pareille