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#128784 - Emma laid there moaning softly as Marcus continued eating her young cunt, I watched as a young man with a large cock approached us, I knew him from somewhere but could think of where I had seen him before, he gave me a smile as he lifted my young daughter’s head up and pushed his cock into her mouth, holding Emma’s head in his hand he began driving his cock in and out my daughter’s mouth, he was giving her a good face fucking and every few thrusts I heard Emma gasp as she choked on his large cock. “She is all yours. I left my daughter to enjoy Marcus fucking her and went for a walk around the pool.

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Takeshi saehara
Thank you so much
Must have a small dick never seen a female not fit it all in their mouth because your small lol broke goodnight
Alisa ilinichina amiella
I mean give her props shes a pro
Jann lee
Se ve muy bien estoy empezando en esto y mi esposa no se decide