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#374706 - I took her out to one of the pins and picked four dogs including Oscar. I lost count how many time she got fucked by those four but I know each one fucked her at least twice more and Oscar 3 times while I was there, I became so hot watching her getting fucked like that so I let the dogs off leash and I went into the training pen and let two of the trainees fuck me, but when I tried to get up to go see if the women was done The biggest of the two jumped me and knocked me over and fucked me again. I swear Oscar had a smile on his old face when I took him out.

Read Old Man [えのき] 朝日先輩の裸 (COMIC アオハ 2021 秋) 中文翻譯 Ssbbw 朝日先輩の裸中文翻譯

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