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#154799 - We began kissing which led to me getting her tits out to suck and play with, it wasn’t long before the first bloke was peering into the van, Sasha whispered ‘those blokes are back’, but she didn’t stop me exposing her tits. Annie and l had already drunk enough wine to relax plus we had fucked a few weeks earlier so it wasn’t long before we were snogging removing each other’s clothes. On the way home we would stop at the picnic site for sex one evening Sasha screamed and said someone looked in the van, l got out and asked the bloke what was he playing at when another bloke stepped out the bushes saying they had been watch me and my girlfriend then the pair explained the place was a dogging site, l didn’t know a thing about dogging and after enlightening me to what it is, l got quite turned on thinking they were watching me and Sasha.

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Galo thymos
Such a beautiful white ass
This may be my hardest duel yet
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Mm love