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#355547 - The heat felt good on her body, and the whole situation of being naked and on vacation made her pussy damp with excitement. Does mademoiselle know that French men are the best in the world at orally satisfy and woman, he whispered in her ear? No, she hissed, through clenched teeth, I didn't know that!!! Would you care for me to demonstrate this phenomena for you, he asked innocently? Oh, yes, she begged, please show me, show me right now!!! He laughed softly and slid between her warm sun tanned legs, kissing the inside of her thighs with soft wet kisses, working his way up to her moist pussy. She was half asleep and didn't hear the foot steps of an approaching male who also was doing a little shelling, and she was startled awake when he said in a heavy French accent, Good morning mademoiselle, it is a beautiful day, no!?! Amber was total flabbergasted by the appearance of the middle aged man and desperately wished he would move on down the beach and leave her

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