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#327656 - For the rest of the week I never went out much, I had texts back and forth from various mates who had been at the Boxing day bash, I had found out that Gary had been there but had obviously not mentioned what had happened between us to any of our mates, Mum and Dad were on my case about not going out during the festive season, and also asking why Gary had not been over, there had hardly been a day in the past five years that Gary was not in my house at some point of the day. His Mother was an alcoholic, whose only interest in life was her next bottle of Vodka, She kept a dirty house and dirty kids, But Gary was a strong character, he did not openly let his home life get him down, he always had a smile on his face no matter what was happening in his home, or when taking abuse from the neighborhood bullies. I threw some clothes in a bag, gathered up what little cash I had and took my bank card from the drawer, I made my bed and left the house before anyone was up, My brother Jamie wh

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Shintarou midorima
I wish someone was kissing my boobs like this
Hikaru hiyama
I like her outfit
Ran yakumo
Como se llama esa ricura de actriz
Agrias oaks
You are gorgeous your man has nice arms