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#130053 - I was in a cubicle reading the graffiti on the walls and having a wank by myself. I was desperately trying to get a proper look when I looked straight across his cubicle and bingo! Another hole, much bigger and a bit higher up the opposite wall. After about five seconds with no warning I burst into his mouth, I had no control over this and I pumped out what felt like a pint of spunk, I heard him choke a little but he kept going for me, I was sweaty and exhausted by time I pulled away and I slid out of his mouth with a pop! He stood up straight away and shoved his straining dick through the hole, so I took a deep breath and a firm grasp of the shaft, put as much as possible into my mouth and then slide back his foreskin and started to suck, pump the shaft, move my head back and forth and roll my tongue around his knob, all at the same time! I could see his balls through the hole and as he got more excited they started to rise up into his groin and I could see them p

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