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#176805 - It was great don’t get me wrong but we both wanted the real thing and we both by now was praying for this to be successful. I gently poke Jackie her side with my finger and said to her “ Do you think Diana would mind if we used that room take care of some important Business? Jackie face lite up when ask her the question? “ I don’t think she would mind but you would have to go ask her? So I when up to Diana and ask if she would mind use using the room and she said she didn’t mind but it her sister room and she didn’t know when she was going to be home? At that moment I couldn’t have care less about Diana sister all I was focusing on at moment get back to Jack and getting our ass into that bed room and getting her out of that one piece swimsuit and plunging my dick deep into her tight ass Virgin pussy So moments later after tell Jackie what Diana had said we pick up our bags and we rusted into bed room closed the door behind us. Well the morning of the pool party.

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