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#169493 - “Didn’t she realized what she was doing to him!?!” He then managed to reply while still staring at her open crack, “You look much younger than forty six!” “Why thank you---Donald,” she said with a smile while reading his name off his name tag. “Now tell me, does your girl friend like sucking your big hard cock?” Donald moaned when Krista’s pussy spasmed slightly, and on now wobbly legs he managed to stammer, “S-she loves sucking my cock!” “Mmmmmm, I don’t blame her a bit!” Krista replied breathlessly. “Okay, now be a good little masturbater and work the handle back and forth over your cock head!” It only took a moment before a long low moan escaped his lips while he gasped, “Y-your pussy, it’s just fucking incredible!” “Why thank you for the compliment, Donald,” she replied sweetly.

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