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#149387 - Over the next few days Jim doesn't give Jessica any money but he pays all of her other expenses and that's when Jim makes his move, he says It's too bad that nobody is hiring these days, I know you would be a great employee he then says like I said you don't have to pay me back but I wandering if you can help me with something, I've been looking for an actress to work on a project before Jessica can say anything Jim says It's an hour of work and I'll pay you $2000 dollars Jim explains that he makes a lot of money doing erotic videos for couples who want to see certain acts on film. Over the next few days Jim finds out everything about her from where she grew up, wich schools she attended, wich jobs she's had, etc, etc and he follows her around staying out of sight watching as she applies for jobs and fortunately for Jim she isn't hired for any of them. The land lord is in his late fifties, extremly fat with a small hunch on his

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