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#143672 - The next morning she was off to work early, knowing she had a lot to make up because of yesterday's absence, so she hopped on the bus and took a seat about halfway back from the driver. She ordered Chinese, watched a little TV, leafed through a magazine, called her best friend Caitlin, and made plans for a little shopping trip tomorrow afternoon. Then it hit her, she felt something or someone inside of her driving her to the most massive orgasm she had ever felt in her young life! She screamed in ecstasy as wave after wave of pleasure swept through her, ripping away her modest mid western demeanor in the process, and then just as quickly as it started, it was over! Limp as an old dish rag, with sweat popping out all over her, she awoke, barley able to move, all of her energy sapped by the mystical presence!!! She fell back into a deep sleep, not even hearing the alarm clock's loud buzz, as she slept straight through until noon.

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