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#278016 - By duty I am bound to turn away For I am alleged to the king not his daughter Yet I must obey that of higher rank And obey such a pleasing intention I know not if it is in my power to please so great So I should by all rights not see as I do Oh and what wonder has no words to describe M'lady sprawled out on her sheets Her velvet blankets embracing her body A chest of China dolls A mountain of teddies and plush A fountain of wealth in arts and trinkets about A tiara framed upon her dresser Not but a pampered babe And yet so fine and a woman On the purple satins of the rich oak bed Four draped posters about her And pillows of goose downs I am not worthy of such purity in sight Just with the ere of her room Let alone her form Her hair is tossed about the bed Her head propped by pillows to stare me down Her face exquisite but my attention moves fast To the areas so hidden and favoured The long slender neck Decked with a tight lace collar and a gold chain

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Definition of huge got lost somewhere in translation
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