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#146846 - I had to make sure her door was locked, as one time in the parking lot of an adult motel Kate had just pleasured herself to orgasm when one man had jerked her unlocked door open and another who was black scooped her up into his arms! She was half silly with pleasure and in no condition to resist! She earlier in order to really tease them more , had removed her dress entirely! It took me a minute to realize what had happened and to get out of the car and chase them down! He had picked her up by sticking his thumb in her wet pussy and had worked his other two long black fingers up ass hole as he carried her off just like she was a white bowling ball! By the time I got to her he, had gotten off again!. and so did I! She loves showing her body to strangers, we started off like many couples by flashing truckers out on the interstate she would become so wet and turned on by playing with her pussy when we have driven along side of them.

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