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#360014 - Jessica tried to scream and protest to the man feeling her up and inspecting her meat but it was no use he had seen to many meat-girls fight this way even the ones who volunteer so Jessica was screwed by her best friend and soon would really be screwed as the spit slid though her. com) ********************************************************************** RING Jessica picked up the phone, Jessica was surprised to find it was Stacey on the other end of the call; Jessica hadn't spoken to Stacey in over two years since they had that big fight over Jason the most popular guy in school at the time. To make this experience seem more real Stacey replied walking over to Jessica, But if I signed this and the wrong person found it, I would wind up on a spit for real Jessica said with fear in her eye's, No you won't, look here Stacey said taking the form and pointing to an empty square at the bottom, There has to be an official meat notation stamp here that only a

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