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#78561 - Isaac suddenly stood up and walked out of the room, Scott sat confused, trying to work out if he’d done something to bother him, “You do drugs Scott?” Scott shuddered, he’d always had an interest, but that had gone after the night with Danny. Isaac flashed his grin and let go, “Let me see?” Scott opened his mouth and showed him “Good boy” he said, wiping the last bit of cum off his fingers into his hair “I’ll be right back” Scott lent against the head board and shut his eyes, his throat hurt from the assault, he had the lingering after taste of cum in his mouth and some had leaked down his chin that he couldn’t wipe away. Isaac sat on the couch next to Scott, Scott felt a rush as he sat forward, he stared at his broad shoulders, he moved his hand forwards and lightly stroked it down Isaacs back.

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I would love this
Lilith aensland
One my favorite milfs from when i was a boy she s one that made me who i am today lovely ms stone