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#239875 - “just the usual 1000 for Mrs McGirk and 200 extra for the extras that she wants,and the surprise of you being there we wont charge the old fucker for,she can have that extra free of charge because she is a weekly booker and always gives us a little bonus every week and the fact is she isn't to bad a fuck for an old bitch,she can take my full 71/2 inches and Bobs 9 1/2 inches and she always has dinner in the oven left for us and a few beers in the fridge,so she aint so bad after all,but anything over and above her time and she has to pay premium rates for” i replied. So it looks like ill have something to do tomorrow after all,i thought to myself as i stripped and climbed into the shower,Louise said it was knocking off time and she was going to tidy up a few loose ends while i was in the shower and shut the office down. Her voice drifted off ,as i did.

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Saki kurokoma
Outstanding loved it beautiful lady too
Yukine miyazawa
Cheia de hpv
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Ist sexy