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#350852 - She is wiggling all over my face as I suck on her clit and lick out her pussy till she explodes and squirts me , now I am totally soaked and so is the bed ,she slides down onto my hard cock and rides it slowly she says she is so sensitive down there . I finally have my sloppy seconds, so I have Toni sit on my face tell her to push out that come while I eat her out. Toni is all smelling nice and fresh now retouched her makeup and all ,she put on a sexy teddy and started to relax on the bed so I start the video ,as you know I had tied her across the bed and bind folded her eyes I am using her toys and licking her cunt then I am slapping my cock on her clit and dipping ever so slightly into her pussy ,she says wow I did not realize I was that wet it’s so loud and laughs then she sees my new friend enter through the lanai door and is amazed he is a black guy almost half her age and she says he is a kid where and how did you find him ? She makes me stop the movie and tell her the story abou

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