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#83772 - Bobbi let out half a scream, but she was quickly shut up by a back handed slap across her face, that not only knocked her over, but it also s?tunned her into submission! Leave my daughter alone, Tara hissed at Frank, but his powerful grip on her arm made sure that all she could do was complain verbally! Okay, bitch, spat Frank harshly, if you two cunts want to do it the hard way that's fine by us, but we haven't had any pussy in over three fucking years, so one way of the other you're gonna give it up, got it!?! Tara could see that Bobbi was in the never never land between consciousness and unconsciousness, so, hoping against all hope that they would leave her eighteen year old daughter alone, Tara turned to Frank and said, Okay, Frank, you can have me, she's just a child, so leave her alone and I'll do what ever you want! The three cons all roared with laughter, with the short stocky con replying, You dumb fucking cunt, we'll fuck your little bit

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