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#166511 - after my day dream i walked inside put my bags down and told bliar i needed to go for a shit wile i was in the toilet and started wacken it i cumed realy quick all over my pants i had to wipe it off with toilet paper as i walked out i passed bliars mum in the hall way she asked me how long i was staying i said a week and she told me that i will be board on the wednesday of this week i asked wy and she said bliar and her husband had to go to a motocross day thing and that me and her would be home by ourselves then she giggled and kept walking. i froze then i just turnd around and started kissing her her lips were wet she started grasping my ass then she fell back on the bed and pulling me down with her.

Read Shy Twin Ball Love Attack Ch. 1-3 Smalltits Twin Ball Love Attack Ch. 1-3

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