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#208327 - Jackie squealed out loud, her arse taking more cum then she has had before, Ralph was still pumping his seeds into her as Sue went under, and took the cum that spilled out, Jackie lost in her own world as Ralph now turned bum to bum with her pulling his knot tight inside her butt. On one 3 some, before going to the orgy, Sue and I had both fisted Jackie, her anus now opening up easier for our fists, and at one time we took turns, laying down, with one persons butt planted on each fist, me with the two girls , them with me and the other girl, every time, we worked at getting Jackie, further onto our fists, with Sue fisting her, Jackie was going in about half way to the elbow, the poppers certainly helped her take more than she ever though she could. When we got to the door, I told Jackie, this was going to shock her big time, as the guys with us waited too, I opened the door, Sue was in full swing, Lucas rammed firmly up her arse, I let Jackie in, her eyes nearly popped out

Read Hot Pussy Take a Peek 偷窥 Ch.33-36 Edging Take a Peek 偷窥 Ch.33-36

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