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#26691 - The Cruise Chapter 4 it was two days later on a trip around Visby near Sweden that I met Sara and Jess they were from England and were obviously together! Sara was 20 and about 5'9 and very attractive with long jet black hair a thin waist and large boobs Jess was 19 about 6' tall and with long ginger hair she had small boobs but very long shapely legs she too was very attractive they asked me to take some photos of them together in front if a church after that they took some photos of me and for me on my camera they seemed to photograph everything we sat together for the provided lunch at a small cafe Jess asked me if I minded the fact that they were gay I said no my motto was live and let live we had two bottles of wine with lunch and were a little tipsy especially Jess, Sara tried to calm her as she got louder and more inhibited she said to Sara quite loudly let's get naked and make love in the street Sara just shook her head and apologised to me looking rather

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