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#15095 - He starts kissing her from the top of her head, down her face, grabbing her by her throat and lengthening her neck, kissing every inch, covering every part of her body in nibbles, licks, bites, she cannot help but moan in appreciation, she cant help but love this. He slides into bed beside her, she stirs a little in her sleep, then settles again, he lies with her for a while, not quite touching, but feeling the heat of her body next to his, enjoying the scent of her skin, in the way her legs are parted he can smell her womanhood, enjoys the musky scent, cannot wait to taste it. That alone is enough to set him off, holding her hips tight he pushes himself into her as hard as he can, enjoying the sensation she is giving him, and he cums, giving her all his seed, pumping it deep into her, she feels the heat within and smiles slyly at him, he moves from between her legs and lies down beside her, unties her hands and kisses her softly.

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