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#72115 - School finished at 4pm I went to her classroom it was all glass windows as it was three classes in one these panels rolled across and divided the rooms up she told me to sit down as she wanted to talk to me I did a front seat and opened my legs remember I wore short pants in those days and I hadn’t put any underpants on that day and I was starting to get a hard on looking at her and thinking about what I would like to do to her as an 11yr old I had a vivid imagination . I was nearly 14yrs Betty and Jenny 18yrs old both close to 19 they never had other boyfriends the story going around was that they were lesbians and they were quite happy to leave it that way then Betty took ill I didn’t know what it was but in less than week she was dead I cried at night but I managed not to during the day I did not see Jenny or Doris for over a week I spoke to Jenny and she asked me to arrange a meeting at Doris’s as we could not meet in the shelter any more I had a quick word with her and it was arra

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Hina hikawa
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