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#288380 - And there was NOTHING she could do to stop it! After a few minutes of this torture I told her I was going to take her little sister upstairs and fuck the living-daylights out of her, and that in the mean time she might find it necessary to ‘accommodate’ some of my mates! A hastily applied gag of her previous (boring) bra, the opening of her front door, and a couple of phone-calls later; I was upstairs fucking my own little ‘whore’, whilst we listened to muffled grunts and protestations from below! Gemma really excelled herself – initiating numerous different positions, and even begging me to fuck her virgin little arse-hole … hardly behaviour you would expect from a twelve year-old! But I did my best to oblige HER every wish, and add a few of my own! It was HER idea to go back downstairs and see how her sister was coping … there was a fleeting fleeing figure disappearing out of the front door as we came down – but in the lounge there was nobody except for the still-bound El

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