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#93132 - Alex barely was able to stammer out his reply of “Hi Ben” “Would you like to come in?” Ben said confidently with a broad smile across his face “Yea sure” Alex said with his last bit of composure. Rhythmically bobbing his head up and down on his first cock, responding accordingly to bens moans, finding all the sweet spots, sucking on his balls and eventually letting Ben’s cock go from his mouth knowing it was time for him to try to take Ben’s enormous cock in his small asshole. He was in search of the perfect man, older, experienced, discreet and gentle.

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Freyja wion
If i could have one wish it would be that ryan had to suck his own asshole for all of eternity because the rest of us are fucking sick of staring at it
Miu matsuoka
Camera guy thought the room was more important than the sex terrible