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#321720 - He stood at the foot of the bed for fifteen minutes fighting with himself, his morality was holding him back, he unsteadily walked up to the bed side, she lay there looking like she was finally at peace once more, he lifted up her nightie up to around her belly, her cotton purple panties were visible on her toned thighs, he removed his shirt and shoes and gently pulled down his Mother’s panties, she stirred but she wasn’t going to wake up for hours, in the slight light from the window he could see a nicely trimmed bush which looked like an exclamation mark if you included the invisible clit. “I want you to cum Mum, come on cum for me. “I have a confession, I massaged you this morning, I used my juices as lubricant, the sight of you with morning wood drove me to lust, and while I massaged you I played with myself resulting in an orgasm and your ejaculation….

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