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#365324 - I looked and Becca and smiled, which made her nervous i chuckled to myself and asked Fancy a game of cards? What game? she replied And why now when im about 5 seconds away from ripping your clothes off nd taking your member anyway i can? Well hows about 1 hand of poker, winner gets to control loser for the rest of the night? I suggested, Ahh i like it, you know i love being in control so, if it goes well, prepare to be my bitch for the night! So away i went dealing the cards 2 to Becca 2 to myself and 3 in the middle immediately i had 2 Ks in hand and a Q a J and an A on the flop, later I would learn Becca had an A and A 10 in her hand the turn produced an A and the river wasa 10, I asked politely realising the way hr face waslit up she must have three of a kind but when she revealed a full house I was crapping myself hoping to God i'd worked my cards out right and showed her my hand. The only problem for me was she had her boyfriend, who was pretty much too sh

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