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#336846 - Ok Jessica you are going to have a choice you can cut this young meat girl's throat or you can be on line in 15 minutes with another girl that will cut yours, your choice! Jessica took the knife and quickly slit the young girls throat she was surprised how quickly the knife went through her and stopped when it hit the spine the girl struggled but with her head pulled back it was no match for the cruelly sharp knife as it sliced through her neck and cutting every thing it touched she watched as her body jumped and shook as she spewed blood from the open wound in her neck after she bleed out she was still twitching as she was moved to the next stage. She crossed the street and was unaware of the man watching her cross the street with great interest, at 5'1, 110lbs, blonde hair and sky blue eyes, 20 years of age she had a natural beauty about her, even the women took a second look. THE END.

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