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#80337 - I can’t take my eyes off it as Mrs askew puts her finger to her slit and point to her hole, and slides a finger in and out then says “there is where it goes, your cock, just like my finger went in” I’m still looking her pussy when I reply “will my cock slide in as easy to Chez’s pussy when I fuck her” “I’m guessing chez is the girl all this is for, she will have a tighter pussy than me, I have had kids and lots of sex, it stretches your pussy” I still stare at her pussy as her hand is away from it and I can see it open and the hole her finger came from, the hair by her slit is now a bit wet and sticky and ask “can I touch it, do what you did and feel what it’s like” She looks at me a bit annoyed now and says “now you’re taking the piss, I’ve shown you and explained it and I don’t even bloody know you that well, so no you can’t touch it” She is going to let me touch it, either by choice or I’m just going to do it anyway I have already decided, I am too horny and have a fuckin

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Gonta gokuhara
She can get it
Ginko sora
Shawty bad bad
Nora cat
I love her when she cums
Riko nagase
Excellent hentai