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#111134 - Come here, dear, ordered April, let me have a better look! Gwen walked around to the other side of the desk and stood directly in front of her interviewer, opening her legs slightly to give April a better view. Valentine, but anyone else he sees fit to also have you!!! Gwen let that sink in for a minute, as that last part about anyone else he sees f?it was a little bit of a surprise to her! As she gathered her thoughts, April Alden seemed to read her mind, because she interjected, If you are worried that he will sic some pig on you for his entertainment, don't, Mr. Valentine has very particular parameters his girls must meet, April intoned, and you seem to fill the bill except for the one thing we haven't check on yet, if you are extremely hirsute in the vaginal area!?! Gwen was embarrassed to hear that kind of talk, especially about her, but she figured she had better get used to it, so she answered forcefully, I'm very hairy, more than anyone I've ev

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