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#283068 - Watching Joy, her legs still up high, my ass was filled again, several guys used me and filled me with cum as we both enjoyed the fresh air on our bodies, then it was my turn, laying on the frame I told them I wanted the horse this time, Steve took of to get him, as my mind went into over drive waiting for the anal abuse I was going to receive with him in me. I got onto the frame, and he was lead up, immidatle jumping up and finding my ass, he was horny alright, and shoved nearly the full lengh in first time, I jumped but couldn't move far, trying to get comfortable with this huge cock filling my body. Bloody hell, he was good, as I tried hard to keep him fully in me his balls slapping my ass with each thrust, moving my body up a big higher gave him more depth to fuck me as he snorted loudly.

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