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#385757 - I slowly put my mouth to her breast and bite it, she flinched, I snickered quietly and quickly and worked my way down to her crouch, I cut away her underwear and looked at her crouch and smiled happily, I went down to my bag and got out a small dildo that I found in my mums room and roughly inserted it into her pussy, she jerked and began thrashing about, she was screaming “Let me go, you fucking prick, Damn you Tony it’s not funny get off me!” I laughed loudly and said whispering close to her ears “No big sister, I’m going to have fun with you for three whole weeks and you are going to hate every minute of it, you will be my slave!” she wiggle some more so I took the end of the dildo and slowly moved it out, she relaxed immediately, I smirked and quickly and fiercely rammed it back up, she jerked and screamed in pain. I crept into her room knowing that she was a light sleeper and set my duffel bag besides her bed and quickly brought out her blindfold and softly secured it round

Read Amador 【周四连载】梦幻速食店(作者:motgini&變態啪啪啪) 第1~36话 Usa 【周四连载】梦幻速食店(作者:motgini&變態啪啪啪) 第1~36话

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Thank you orzys we promise to keep amazon position in the rotation
Actually one of the best vids out there 100