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#260864 - Before I carry on with my story, I just want to mention how mine and this girls story began… It began through the internet, casually talking about the things that aroused us – me I liked to watch my ‘submissive’ squirm beneath me as I brought her up to her peak, and keeping her there, never letting her able to orgasm until she’s begging – where as her? She liked my fantasy amongst other things, however her worries about her medical condition worried her for ever finding someone mature enough to take care of her for many things as well as her body and mind. She knocked on my front door and I opened it to find a tall girl – she looked quite young – compared to how old she said she was, I guess that was due to her dislike of over-doing the make-up, she had green eyes, light pink lips and mousey brown hair that went down to half way across her chest, I reckon it just about covered her nipples. She did state that she didn’t like cruelty, scat, water sport – which is understandable of c

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