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#258536 - I spotted her by the bar, she looked absolutely gorgeous, a blonde like me but with bigger breasts and a voluptuous body, i could see my glass of champagne was already set by the bar stool ready for me. As we stepped inside the room it looked like the VIP section of the club, it had flat screen TV’s all over the place, 3 bars, chandeliers from the ceiling and big black leather couches scattered around, the only source of light was the big window at the front of the room which looked down into the club. He came and sat next to me claiming he needed fresh air too, I could see his eyes kept on going to my breasts trying to visualize what they looked like under my dress, this made me giggle and I asked him if he found my breasts that interesting and he replied saying I find every inch of you interesting would you care to prove that what I think of you is true? That was it, I loved challenges and this was a challenge.

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Mashiro kuna
Im older than eight
Haruka takayama
Bro that man has the curse mark
Karen araragi
Awesome cock
Beyond perfection
Ayaka sunohara
Pussy looks amazing