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#109189 - Everyone always said that Katlin looked like her real mum who died when she was five, shoulder length brownish golden hair, cute baby blue eyes, and the most adorable face, altho to her she thought the other parts of her were more important and spent time trying to find out ways to improve her young figer for JJ, oh she was still a virgin, but knew that JJ would apprichiate the effort untill that time came. She unlatched the door and opened it just enough for her to slip through then shut it firmly, she was to go to the sweet shop only two and a half minites away where he would be waiting, she arrived at the closed down shop and her heart sank, JJ's car was no where to be seen, had he been caught, the cops were always after him, suddenly there was a flash of light and Katlins scared reaction dissapeared once realzing it was JJ's head light, she yelped it excitmeant and ran towards the car. pulling on her white cotton panties she opened the draw and picked out her blac

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