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#338047 - My wife Amanda was not really into football, but she would bet on the games anyways, sometimes she would get lucky, but not to often. I heard the door bell go off again, it should be the other two guys, and when she opened the door, I heard holy shit, your fucking hot Amanda, and she showed them in, she said ok, what can I get you boys to drink, they told her, all beers, so she went to the bar and drew up five beers, now just seeing her standing with her back to us, her tight ass looking at us, it was fantastic, she turned with four and sat them down, when she bent over to serve, her huge tits almost went into the beer glasses, she set them into place and went back for mine, she said ok guys, the snacks are over there, when you need any, call out, she said I'll be right back. We all tried our best, but Jim won, so she said ok, he's won already so which ever one of you three wins next gets to go into the bedroom, well it took three hands before Mark won, he stood up and grab

Read Casado Small Kanojo ~18cm no Aitsu no Semasugiru Ana - Original Big Dick Small Kanojo ~18cm no Aitsu no Semasugiru Ana

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Kinuho wannai
God damn look at those boobs
Yumi fukuzawa
I am a dark indian guy when i approach indian girls they spit on me because i am dark now where is your ego bitch fucking whore keep it up man
Yachie kicchou
Thank you so much
What does she say at the beginning something about coffee