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#315262 - We lay there holding each other for an hour, not speaking, there was nothing to say, turning to kiss me she said we needed to have a shower, I followed her to the bathroom and we washed each other off, after drying we went down stairs still naked. I’m dreading it and don’t want to go, but Hailey says we have face the music some time. Sue and Julie reach out and touched my cock, “It’s so hard” with out me asking they moved their had up and down, wanking me, “You should feel this Hailey, you wouldn’t want to touch another one after you have” “I’m not touching my brothers cock” “Like your not going to let him see your tits”, Hailey looked at Sue with dagger eyes, “Come on, feel it, you know you want to” they moved their hands away and Hailey looked at my cock, “It does look bigger than Jeff’s” he was her boyfriend, until she caught him with of all people one of the chaps off the football team, she thought after she had kicked him out, if he had sucked her pussy like he was sucking hi

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