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#248272 - About two inches and then they get stuck she giggles at me and then helps me as we pull down her pants i smile at the situation, her being so needy for me once the pants are finally down i get to work i suck at the clit right from the start stealing her breath in quick motion i lick and nip my tongue darting about finding every nook and cranny to lick and claim all the while i enjoy the squeals and moans of my name and whines of “go faster!” her hips shaking but pushing themselves into my face i lick and play for a little longer just to get her wet and ready i let go and move my face away from her pussy only to tell her to move to hands and knees with a yes daddy, she moves into position i lean over and kiss her neck and back moving until i reach the middle and with a bite i straighten up and slowly push my cock inside of her She moans with pleasure and ecstasy at the intrusion and i pull slightly out leaving the head inside only to slide back in deeper each time over and over i

Read Hiddencam Osananajimi to no Amai Kankei - Original Madura Osananajimi to no Amai Kankei

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